Welcome to the Financial District: Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice Co. is a Toronto-based organic cold-pressed juice company that recently opened its third Toronto location in Commerce Court.

Why did Green House Juice Co open in the PATH?

“People in the PATH and the Financial District are so enthusiastic about making healthy choices,” said Hana James, Co-Founder of Greenhouse Juice Co. “With so many people coming to the area daily, it was a great choice for us to open a Greenhouse Juice here.”

The team at Greenhouse Juice Co. is happy to spend time with each customer explaining the different juices, smoothies, milks and waters.

bowl of juice

“We’ve observed customers who are new to juicing start off with a fruitier flavour like the apple juice and after a while they start to crave the greener juices,” said James. “It’s amazing to see, we build relationships with our customers and it’s just a natural progression for them”.

Some favourites of customers at the Bay Street location include Wake Up, Deep Roots and the recently added Harlequin Juice.

Commerce Court

About their new location:

This is a shop unlike any they’ve built before. Its entrance is flanked by two Greenhouses rendered in 3-D neon, alive with foliage and reflected to infinity, like a geometrical neon housing development stretching as far as the eye can see. It was all designed by Crown Flora who turned the entire space into a living, breathing greenhouse.

“Each store is designed for the neighbourhood it’s located in,” said Emma Knight, Director of Brand Development for Greenhouse Juice Co. “The idea behind the Commerce Court shop was, with the help of Crown Flora and our architect Kfir Gluzberg, to build an underground oasis for hardworking downtowners.”

Where does their produce come from:


Greenhouse Juice Co. gets their produce from Pfenning’s Organic Farm in New Hamburg, Ontario, where the majority of their vegetables are grown. Founded in 1981 by Wilhelm and Barnhild Pfenning, who began farming organically in Gnodstadt, Germany in 1965, Pfenning’s is a sustainability-minded, family-run grower, packer and shipper of certified organic produce. Read more here.

Are they 100% Organic?


Yes. They only use produce that is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides to make juice that is naturally delicious, residue-free and sustainable.

About their Juices:

Deep Root

All of their ingredients are certified organic. They never compromise their juices with pasteurization, high pressure processing (HPP) or plastic bottles. Read more here.

“We’ve bottled what we like to drink,” said James. “Everything is balanced, and all our juices are approachable, even for first time juicers. It is the juice of our dreams.”

What is cold-pressed juice?

Cold pressing is a decades-old method of extracting liquid from plants without denaturing enzymes or breaking down nutrients with high levels of heat or oxygen. Their hydraulic presses coax every colourful, delicious drop of liquid out of a plant while keeping its health-giving properties intact, producing live juice that stays great for 72 hours.


By contrast, a more common form of juicing, centrifugal juicing, relies on a metal blade that spins at great speed against a mesh filter, separating juice from fruit and vegetable solids. This method not only extracts juice that that is less dense with vitamins, minerals and enzymes than cold-pressed juice, but the spinning blade brings high temperatures and oxidation into the equation, changing the juice’s chemistry and hastening its deterioration.

Greenhouse Juice Co. cold presses juice in Toronto seven days a week and 13 hours a day.


“Our juices are very different from the juice you’ll find at the convenience store or supermarket,” said Knight. “It takes nearly a kilogram of organic fruits and vegetables to make a 500ml bottle of our juice. We do not artificially preserve it in any way, so the shelf life is short; we press our juices in small batches every day right here in Toronto. The price point certainly seems high at first glance, but it is a direct reflection of the cost of what goes into the juice, and represents enormous value. It’s important to take the time to come in and try a juice flight and taste and feel the difference for yourself.”

Read more here.

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Greenhouse Juice Co.
Commerce Court West
199 Bay Street, Unit C144
(647) 350-5513