Summer Improvements by the Toronto Financial District BIA

Since 2013, the Toronto Financial District Business Improvement Area (BIA) has been representing the area on policy issues and making public space improvements. This summer the BIA has been involved in a number of improvements, including:

Wellington Street Construction Acceleration – The Toronto Financial District BIA coordinates closely with the City of Toronto and construction teams operating in the area. This year the City’s watermain and TTC track replacement along Wellington will completed by the end of August instead of October. This acceleration was made possible due to the BIA negotiating for 24-hour construction work. The BIA also funded additional paid duty police during the morning and evening rush hours to reduce traffic and pedestrian congestion.


Planters Installed to Protect Cycle Tracks – To improve cycling through the area along Richmond and Adelaide cycle tracks, new planter boxes were installed in 2017 creating a more solid boundary between cyclists and automobiles. These planters were installed and are maintained by the Toronto Financial District BIA along with neighbouring BIAs for the Entertainment District and St. Lawrence Market.

Poster-resistant Pole Wraps Installed on York and Richmond – The Toronto Financial District BIA’s poster-resistant pole wraps create a consistent look on poles throughout the area. Prior to the area having a BIA, many poles were rusted or covered in posters. For the first time this year, wraps were installed on York and Richmond Streets and nearly all poles in the Financial District are now covered.

Daily Inspections to Report and Fix Issues – Toronto Financial District BIA staff conduct daily sweeps of the area to identify issues related to public space assets such as street furniture, utility poles and the general cleanliness of the area. Issues are reported each day to the relevant organizations or City agencies responsible for them and followed up on until they are fixed. The BIA meets regularly with these agencies to identify ways to work together to fix issues and keep the area clean and functioning smoothly.


New PATH Map and Wayfinding Prepared for 2018 Installation – Through 2016 and 2017, the Toronto Financial District BIA has been working on a new map and wayfinding system for the PATH. This has included working closely with the City, area buildings and feedback from nearly 2,000 members of the public through surveys and online comments. The wayfinding system is near completion and buildings connected to the PATH are planning to install the new map and signage in 2018. A prototype of the new map and signage will be installed in some buildings in 2017 as a means to test and finalize designs.

Evaluating Impact of the King Street Pilot Study – The Toronto Financial District BIA tracks issues impacting the Financial District related to transportation access, economic competitiveness and urban planning. For the rest of the year, the BIA is working with a transportation modelling firm to monitor the impacts of the King Street Pilot Study on workers commuting to and from the Financial District using all modes of transportation during rush hours.