Step Up to The Barre at the Adelaide Club

The popularity of barre classes is growing in the fitness community and Adelaide Club’s ‘Total Body Barre’ is helping set the trend with this new and dynamic workout.

Inspired by dance, but with no dance experience needed, this barre class will strengthen, lengthen, and sculpt muscles using ballet-inspired movements. With an emphasis on proper alignment and posture, this class will give you a great workout while being mindful of your joints and is a great compliment to your other fitness programing.

Working with the barre as well as in the center of the studio space, each class has a unique focus and targets stabilizer muscles, such as core, glutes, and shoulders, all of which are incredibly important outside of the classroom. Strong stabilizers ensure effectiveness of other big compound movements as well in everyday activities, like picking up heavy groceries.

Equipment such as Pilates balls, small hand weights, and bands are used, so come prepared to sweat! During and after the class, your muscles will definitely be feeling ‘the burn’.

Check out The Barre sessions at the Adelaide Club – over 100+ group exercise classes a week!
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