Traffic Control Box Public Art
Artist’s Statement
Roshni Wijayasinha


CITY NIGHT LIFE captures the movement, momentum and force that makes Toronto’s Financial District become alive as the sun sets. From some of the city’s best restaurants and bars to catch an after-work meal or drink, to late-night deadlines and networking sessions at offices, daytime energy is transformed by the vibrant interactions of the Toronto people and their city, resulting in glowing and exploding colours, each taking on beautiful, spontaneous paths.


Downtown dwellers co-exist with an abundance of wildlife in the financial district, on the streets and trees, in roofs and even parking garages. BIRTH OF SOUND depicts the infamous blackbirds of Toronto that can be heard singing first thing in the morning, starting all the sounds in the early morning before traffic and humans start to build up noise in the area.

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Instagram: @roshnisart