Toronto’s Long-term Fiscal Direction consultations begin December 5

The City of Toronto is renewing its Long-Term Financial Plan – a roadmap for how the City will make investments in the future. The City wants public input on this important issue so they can build the city we all want.

City Council has adopted economic, social, and environmental strategies that can lead Toronto forward. A Long-Term Financial Plan with well-articulated aspirations, clear priorities, multi-year spending and revenue targets, and effective planning processes can help Council realize that vision.

The City wants your input on some challenging questions about how they can manage expenses, raise revenue, make the most of our assets, and manage finances in order to build the city we want and maintain Toronto’s strength.

They have a website which features information on the City of Toronto’s financial challenges and the options they are considering to help achieve long-term financial sustainability.

The findings from the public consultation process will provide input and advice for Council and the City Manager as they develop the City’s Long-Term Financial Plan and help give Toronto the roadmap it needs to achieve their aspirations and goals.


Participate in the Public Consultations

Focus on: Expenditure, Revenue, and Asset Options

Survey: Open from December 5-23

Meetings on: December 5, 6, 7, 8


For more information on the full consultation process in 2017, head over to: