Place Branding – The Financial District

Branding. We know what it means, a defining feature – be that a logo or service – that makes your organization or business unique. But what about a place? How do you brand a place?

Typically, there is something unique, or special that let’s you know you have arrived in a place. As a Business Improvement Area, that is what we strive to do. We want to enhance and define the features that are already in a space that let people know they have arrived.

Toronto’s Financial District is incredibly unique. The country’s five largest banks have their headquarters located here, large consulting and law firms have major offices here, it’s the epicentre of Canada’s economy. Towering skyscrapers, all with their own unique features, yet, all with a shared identity. They are part of Toronto’s skyline, the heart of the Financial District and what truly brands the space.

The architecture in Toronto’s Financial District is like nothing else in the City. From the gold-plated windows of Royal Bank Plaza, to the soaring ceilings of the Allen Lambert Galleria, and the historical walls of Commerce Court North, there are architectural gems all over the area. The property management companies make sure their private property is kept to the highest standards and nothing is ever out of place. As a BIA, we strive to keep the public space up to these standards, so they compliment the gorgeous spaces the buildings have created.

Another defining feature of the Financial District is the PATH. All the major buildings here are connected underground by a giant shopping mall. The PATH stretches 30 KM and connects over 82 buildings in Toronto, most of those buildings being in the Financial District. It is also connected to four subway stations and Union Station, which is the largest transportation hub in Canada. It’s a very well-connected space. It has to be, 200,000 people come into the Financial District every day for work. The busiest times for this area are Monday through Friday, 9-5… sometimes later, as people stick around for happy hour.

No other space in Toronto operates like this, the City is always bustling with people. However, what is usually the busiest spot in the City during the week, becomes one of the quietest spots in the City on weekends.

The beautiful skyscrapers, amazing architecture and winding underground walkways are what define the Financial District. It’s a unique neighbourhood to the City, the province and even the country. There is no other neighbourhood in Canada that operates quite like Toronto’s Financial District.