Where to find Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in the Financial District

Nitro cold brew coffee is the coolest trend to come out of the coffee industry this year. It’s cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen, which means it’s cold without any ice! The nitrogen gives the drink a smooth creamy texture, with customers often comparing it to the texture of Guinness.

So far there are only two locations where you can find nitro cold brew coffee in our area: (Let us know @MyTOFD if others have popped up!)

Balzacs Coffee Roasters – UP Express


Photo credit: @balzacscoffee

Starbucks – Brookfield Place

Starbucks has said that it will be rolling out nitro coffee at more locations in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver by the end of the year. But for now, The Brookfield Place Starbucks is the only Canadian location with nitro cold brew coffee.


Photo credit: Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star