Navigating Nuit Blanche 2018

Nuit Blanche is this weekend! Here’s all the installations coming to the Financial District.

By: David Rokeby

Cloud Gardens

As a deep urban park, the Cloud Gardens Park presents a dialogue between nature and the city. This project expands on this conversation using interactive lighting to transform the park into a dynamic play of energy ricocheting, rippling, and caroming around and among the architectural structures, trees, foliage and water. Three interaction stations allow the visiting public to trigger and channel this play of visual energy across the canvas of the park.


On Flashing Lights
By: Brendan Fernandes

Bay Street and Richmond Street West

On Flashing Lights is a light and sound installation by Canadian artist Brendan Fernandes. A barricade of police vehicles will line Bay Street, opening space around a central stage. Throughout the evening, DJs from Toronto’s queer, immigrant and racialized communities will perform music in an uneasy relationship with the lights of police cars, signalling the historic tension between these groups.

The audience is invited to participate in the performance through dance, an expression of solidarity and community in the heart of the city. This work builds on Fernandes’ ongoing investigations of queer bodies and dance as an act of resistance. Once every hour, the music will stop, inviting a moment of silence and contemplation of lives that have been lost on dance floors in recent years. For many people, especially those in queer and racialized communities, the dance floor can be both a sanctuary and a space of anxiety. The music and lights are prompts to move and to reflect. Is this an emergency or a rave? What constitutes a “safe” space in Toronto, and for whom?


By: Concordis

Design Exchange

Everyone has secrets. Most people have a difficult time telling their partners, family members and friends (or even complete strangers) some of their most tightly held secrets. However, some people might be willing to reveal secrets if the conditions are anonymous and untraceable.

Whatever a person’s secrets may be, Concordis invites them to be shared in Confessions.Individuals will be able submit their secrets, thoughts or confessions anonymously. These secrets will then be publicly displayed for all to see at Nuit Blanche Toronto. Secrets can be shared either on the night of Nuit Blanche at a Confessions booth or by submitting them ahead of time online at



Drake One Fifty

The artist known as birdO takes his street-art aesthetic and transforms it into his first monumental sculpture for the garden podium, an urban oasis above 150 York Street/181 University Avenue. His vibrant hybrid of animal forms and abstraction will rise above the trees and bring the secluded space alive with a playful sculpture.

For this piece, the artist was inspired by the Kirtland’s Warbler, a small songbird that nearly became extinct just 50 years ago and is now on it’s way to recovery. Requiring large areas of dense young jack pine that was historically created by wildfire, today this habitat is primarily created through the harvest of mature jack pine, and planting of seedlings. Every year this 6in wonder migrates from Southern Ontario to The Bahamas and back. For Nuit Blanche birdO has transformed the image of this tiny creature into an epic sculpture, rising out of an abstract base, it will loom large over the downtown core.


By: UNION Innovation

Drake One Fifty

Intersections is an interactive, data-driven installation that questions, What is a map of Toronto? Might it unite residents rather than divide them?

Participants will be invited to pinpoint three places in Toronto important to them. Those intersections will join other people’s in a painterly vision of a map that reflects not what separates, but what connects. The map will blur the lines between neighbourhoods and neighbours.

This visualization, projected in an atrium, will evolve with real-time data as a manifestation of the city’s shared connections, vibrant movements and interwoven activities that intersect and transcend preconceived boundaries.


By: Simoni + Kitty

Drake One Fifty

In this multimedia interactive installation, participants will make footprints on a dark surface while images of their moving feet are cast into a large-scale projection turned upside down. A variety of footwear isolated from the body will create an opportunity to question differences and similarities as Torontonians move across the space. In a city where differences are often more prevalent than similarities, our differences become our similarities. In response to the theme of “You are Here,” this experiential installation will question conventional categories of gender, race and religion, as well as the gravitational pull of societal constructs. As the ground appears above feet in the image, inversion suggests disorientation, and draws attention to the distance between the virtual and the real.


The Three Chapters of Solitude
By: Henry Heng Lu

Laurier Toronto

The Three Chapters of Solitude (2015–2018) consists of three videos that play with unparallel perceptions of distance versus intimacy in relation to the artist’s personal experience as a culturally displaced individual. With found ESL-textbook audio, the video Have A Safe Trip takes the form of a quick “safety guide” for visitors who travel abroad, from a Canadian perspective. During a weeklong vacation in 2015, the artist documented the sky on the occasion of each drive when his father was at the wheel. The video The Sky On Our Way Home is a collage of clips from those trips that reveal practices of guidance and parental affection. Anytime You Need A Friend! juxtaposes fragments of videos for several Mando-pop ballads with dozens of clips of the artist singing English love songs and interacting with everyday objects in his possession.


From Toronto, With Love
By: Not Just Tourists Toronto

From Toronto, with Love presents 24 vintage suitcases, each unique and transformed by individual artists working in diverse medias including contemporary painting, industrial design, filmmaking, weaving, photography, architectural model-making, collage and sculpture.

Originally designed to carry medical supplies from Not Just Tourists Toronto to remote clinics in need, these suitcases were repurposed for art after being found unsuitable for their initial aim. The artists involved reflect on the idea of journeys, destinations, and the privileges and limitations of health care at home and abroad.

Viewers will be invited to draw upon and sign the “guest book” suitcases. These suitcases will be used by Not Just Tourists Toronto to continue a project of forging connections through travel.


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