Milkshakes in the Financial District

Been craving a good old fashion milkshake? Ever wonder where you can get one in the middle of your bustling day in the Financial District? We have. And surprisingly, there was not a list for that. now there is.

Here is where you can find a milkshake in the Financial District!

Godiva, Trufflelata – Royal Bank Plaza (PATH)


These are not your average milkshakes; they’re made with real Godiva truffles, so you get bits of chocolate throughout. The giant mound of whip cream on top is covered in a syrup which is also dispersed throughout the shake.


Harvey’s, Milkshake – Royal Bank Plaza & Commerce Court Food Courts


Harvey’s has many flavours of milkshake to offer. They have the classic Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla flavours, but they also have Cappuccino, Oreo and Nutella to spice it up. They are a delicious, creamy drink that will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth while keeping you cool.


Hero Burger, Milkshake – Richmond Adelaide Centre


Nothing washes down a delicious HERO burger quite like a HERO milkshake. This simple, smooth, silky ice cream drink will perfectly top off the bold flavours of a HERO burger.


Aroma Espresso Bar, Ice Aroma Float – 121 King Street West (PATH)


Aroma milkshakes aren’t even called milkshakes, but it’s a drink with ice cream, so it made the list. The Ice Aroma Float is a blended ice drink which has flavours of coffee and mocha and topped with two generous scoops of ice cream.


Potbelly Canada, Milkshake – 83 Yonge Street


Opening on Wednesday, October 12, 2016, Potbelly brings a new sandwich shop to the Financial District. You can’t have sandwiches without milkshakes right? Right. They have a variety of milkshake flavours like Oreo, Strawberry, Banana and Coffee, made with hand-scooped ice cream that will keep you coming back for more.