Instagram Spotlight: @nickwons

Toronto’s Financial District is one of the city’s most Instagram-worthy areas! With its soaring towers, bright lights and collection of unique architectural design, it’s no wonder the area is featured on so many Torontonian’s Instagram feeds. We caught up with @nickwons who loves capturing the area on his account…

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Nick Wons and I’m a Toronto born and raised full-time freelance photographer who specializes in event, portrait and lifestyle photography. When I’m shooting for fun I’m taking street and cityscape photos of the city I call home.

I started shooting 8 years ago, initially as a hobby but within a year I was contacted by a magazine to become a staff event photographer. I guess you could say I got addicted to the rush I got from the first time I saw my photos in print in that magazine, and the fact they felt my images were good enough to print were the sign that I was on to something. I kept up with it over the years on the side, constantly improving my skills, and building my client base. I started working with TIFF, The Director’s Guild of Canada, City of Toronto (just to name a few) on all kinds of really cool projects and my images were being published all over the world. Eventually I decided to pull the plug on my career in telecommunications and took the plunge to chase my dream. That was 3 years ago; I can’t imagine still working in an office these last 3 years and all the shots I would have missed.

What inspired you to take photos in the Financial District?

Constant change. The buildings for the most part stay the same with the exception of new condos and buildings popping up here and there, but it’s the people that bring me to the Financial District. There’s always movement, so many different people, so many things going on in every direction, there’s never really a dull moment down there.

Favourite place in the Financial District to shoot?

Bay Street. There’s some great architecture along that strip, and it’s a sea of faces and people and has a few great intersections to catch some shots.

What equipment do you use to take/edit your photos?

I’m a die-hard Nikon fan. I currently shoot with a Nikon D750 and use a variety of lenses. Sometimes I’ll bring out the tripod and maybe a flash. Everything is usually edited on the same PC I built years ago (and rebuilt since), and edits are done with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Sometimes if I find myself in TOFD with a photo that can’t wait til I get home to be shared I’ll pop into Dineen, order an Americano, connect my camera to my phone thanks to the miracle of WiFi and do some edits with Photoshop Express and have my photo up in a few minutes.

Any other Instagram accounts you suggest following in the Financial District?

Well, there are a lot of really talented photographers who I find roaming the TOFD on any given day or night.. Off the top of my head I’d say to check out @416citizen, @ashtontekno, @benroffelsen, @juluminate, @stilez, @ericmarkdo, @javinlau, and @anetkaiwa. Also, a big shout out to the people at @streetsoftoronto. They’re an account that features many skilled photographers from across the city, you’ll find a ton of fantastic images there!