Instagram Spotlight: @fortheone6ix

Toronto’s Financial District is one of the city’s most Instagram-worthy areas! With its soaring towers, bright lights and collection of unique architectural design, it’s no wonder the area is featured on so many Torontonian’s Instagram feeds. We caught up with @fortheone6ix who loves capturing the area on his account…

Tell us about yourself, @fortheone6ix!

My name is James Dean, I am a photographer/entrepreneur. I have been shooting for about a year and a half now and consider photography more of a passion than a job. I really enjoy expressing myself through the shots!

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What inspired you to shoot in the Financial District?

I’m absolutely in love with the tall buildings and the bright lights of the Financial District. It’s such a beautiful area of the city. Each and every building is unique, yet beautiful in their own way, and the grand architecture and sharp angles are amazing to shoot!

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What is your favourite place to shoot in the Financial District?

The intersection of King & Bay Street is one of my personal favourites. The height and contrasts between buildings are wonderful, not to mention the amazing angles you can get of the CN Tower for those sharp shots.

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What camera do you use?

I use a Canon Rebel T6 with an 18mm lens.

What’s another Instagram account you love to follow from the area?

@hypetoronto is one of my favourite accounts. The have tons of great artistic shots from around the Financial District, and also the rest of the city as well.