Ice Cream Spots in the Financial District

Summer calls for one thing and one thing only. Ice cream! We’ve compiled a list of all Ice cream (and frozen yogurt) spots in the Financial District.



Fresh vanilla ice cream topped with your choice of toppings.

66 Wellington St. Toronto, ON M5K 1B1

(416) 360-3983


Godiva Chocolatier

Soft serve ice cream made with real Godiva Chocolate.

 200 Bay St. Toronto, ON M5J 2J1

(416) 214-1931


Yogen Früz

Delicious and nutritious frozen yogurt with fresh fruit.

100 Wellington St W. Unit 0062A, Toronto, ON M5K 1J5

(647) 430-5997



deKEFIR’s kefir is made with Ontario whole cow’s milk and milk-fermenting kefir SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).

333 Bay St. Toronto, ON M5H 2R2

 (647) 352-2220



Frozen yogurt topped with freshly cut fruit.

161 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5J 2S1

 (416) 363-6884