Traffic Control Box Public Art
Artist’s Statement
Hello Kirsten

I love the hustle and bustle of Toronto’s Financial District and the ways in which it is a meeting point for all corners of the city. From the trains shuttling commuters and visitors into Union Station, to the PATH, to City Hall, the Eaton Centre, the Mirvish theatres, Roy Thomson Hall, Scotiabank Arena, or the innumerable restaurants or office towers populated by a thriving and innovative workforce, this neighbourhood truly is a meeting of the minds like no other. In the most diverse city in the most diverse country in the world, this neighbourhood alone is the one in which everyone comes together to mix.

My designs play with patterning, painted as if successive layers of wallpaper have been removed from a wall, casually revealing the contrasting elements that lay beneath. Pattern, in the form of repeating decorative motifs, is a ubiquitous form of human expression. Many designs are so distinct they instantly call to mind a particular culture or region. Some, such as the scallop pattern, repeat over and over throughout history, lacking a specific starting point. They hint at early trade routes and the ways in which cultures have mixed and mingled for millennia.

By showcasing a multiplicity of motifs from around the world, my layered murals represent the diverse intersection of cultures that make up contemporary cities, and honour the unique role of the Financial District in Toronto’s cultural fabric.

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