Exploring Nuit Blanche in the Financial District

There’s always so much to see at Nuit Blanche, so here’s a guide to exploring the all night art festival through Toronto’s Financial District.

Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #1 (A Domestic Scene) – Mike Kelley

Design Exchange

Inspired by a photo found in a high school yearbook, the original, a still from a school play, depicts two young men in a shabby apartment. From this image Kelley has re-staged a ‘Domestic Scene’: the protagonists’ unnerving, histrionic, relationship.





The Family Camera – On the move Toronto – MomenTO, ROM, Family Camera Network

Union Station

The Family Camera: On the Move – Toronto projects family photos that explore Toronto as a site of migration –  in Toronto’s historic gateway, Union Station.

The Nature Deficit Disorder – Jennifer McDougall, Nourhan Hegazy, Prateeksha Singh, Bergur Ebbi

Laurier Toronto

TORONTO, 2067 – Nature has become inaccessible to the masses, urbanites have little choice but to “plug” into nature. This futuristic intervention unveils where the lines between ‘unplugging’ while in nature and ‘plugging’ into nature get blurred.

Manitowapaw, Speaking to the Moon – Julie Nagam

First Canadian Place

Wigwam-informed domes project imagery of human impact on the earth. Complemented by ambient audio recordings of the land, this immersive 360-degree experience reflects on contemporary environmental issues as witnessed by the moon above.

The Many Large Houses of the Ghosts – Marianne Nicolson

Old City Hall Clock Tower

Projections of hand-drawn pictographs on the Old City Hall clock tower recall colonial history and address unresolved histories with Indigenous peoples. Nicolson presents her work as a guest outside of the west coast.

In Conversation: Becoming an Accomplice – Siku Allooloo, Jaskiran Dhillon

Cloud Gardens

This project centres on solidarity building with Indigenous Nations based on the articles Notes on Becoming an Accomplice and Sister Notes on Becoming an Accomplice.