Deep Lake Water Cooling: A Tour of the Enwave Plant

Ever wonder what’s inside the building that’s just south of the Rogers Centre?

We were invited on a tour, put on by Enwave, to find out!

Enwave pulls the coldest deep lake water from Lake Ontario. The water is 4ºC when it’s pulled.

The “chill” in that water is transferred to 72 buildings in the downtown core, keeping them cool.

Once the “chill” is transferred to Enwave, the deep lake water goes directly from this plant to the City’s drinking water supply.

Up to 70,000 gallons of water per minute is pumped through this large pipe. Compare that to the 1 gallon of water per minute from most faucets.

Deep lake water cooling provides energy savings of up to 90%!

FUN FACT: The network began as a way to get steam to Toronto’s hospitals in 1969.

To learn more about Enwave’s advanced technolgies visit: