‘Canstruction’ – An insight into the exhibits

Like all great art, there’s always an intended story behind it. We take a look at the meaning behind some of the ‘Canstruction‘ pieces that are currently on display in TD Centre.

‘We Can Unite’
IBI Group

“Working together transforms an aggregate of different people into a community that has one united ‘face'”.

head 5-102542-min

‘Christmas in May – The Giving Tree’

Rebanks Pepper Littlewood Architects Inc w/ Quinn Dressel Associates

“While people might think its odd to have a Christmas Tree in the middle of May, the intent is to remind people that food banks are always in need of donations, and to keep holiday charity alive throughout the year.”

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‘Solving The Root of the Problem’

Petroff Partnership Architects/ARK

“The root of the problem. None thousand, one hundred forty-nine cans is the amount a person needs annually to meet the recommended amount of daily nutritional intake and if we have difficulty getting this many cans, how would someone without our resources be able to get them?”

head 2-102405-min

‘150% CANadian’

GM BluePan Engineering Limited

“150% CANadian…down to the last maple syrup drop!”


The ‘Canstruction’ competition – in support of the Daily Bread Food Bank – has been running for 18 years now. This year, the design competition raised over 50,000 cans of food! This food will be donated to the food bank once the art is disassembled. ‘Canstruction’ is on display in the TD Centre until Friday, May 19.