BILD’s 2018 Build for Growth Initiative

The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) represents nearly 1,500 residential and commercial building, land development and professional renovation industry members in the Greater Toronto Area.

BILD’s members are community builders. They are developers, builders, renovators and commercial builders in Toronto, Durham, Simcoe, Halton, York and Peel, adding tens of thousands of new homes each year to the housing stock of the GTA. 

According to BILD, the GTA is suffering an ongoing shortage of new homes.  A combination of factors, including the impact of government regulations and policies, is slowing the pace of construction of new homes and having a negative impact on supply and affordability. Compared to all other levels of government, municipalities have the most direct influence over where new housing will go, what type it will be, the number of homes built and pace of building.  On October 22, municipal elections will be held across the GTA. As part of this year’s elections, BILD is running a non-partisan initiative across all the municipalities of the GTA to highlight the importance of policies and actions that can increase housing supply and have a positive impact on affordability

You can show your support for this important issue

If you’re interested in More information and to see what you can do, please visit Bild For Growth’s website: