BIA EXPLAINER: What’s up with these new tree grates?

You may have noticed new grates and tree guards surrounding the trees on Richmond Street between York and Bay Streets.


Tree grates aren’t the most exciting thing you’ll find in the Financial District, but we think the quality and durability of these new grates is befitting of their new place in the neighbourhood.

Let us explain.

They will look better in a year. We promise.Trre Grate

New tree grates on Richmond Street use Corten steel that may look rusted at first, but they’re actually corrosion-resistant. The chips and flakes of rust that eventually happen on rusted steel won’t happen on these new grates.

As the steel weathers, it will stop looking bright and orange as they do now and start looking more subtle and brown.

These are high-quality, extremely durable tree grates that will last a long time and look good for a long-time, too.

They’re definitely better for the tree’s health.

Life is tough on downtown trees, but the new tree grates allow more water to penetrate the soil surrounding the tree. The tree guards circling the tree also protect the base from people leaning on them or damaging them in any other way.