BIA Evaluation of King Street Pilot Study

The King Street Pilot Study is moving forward following approval at the June TTC Board and July City Council meetings. Implementation is expected to begin in mid-late Fall 2017. As part of the approval process, City staff were directed to report to the TTC Board on benchmarks of success for the pilot project and a report will be submitted to the October 2017 TTC Board meeting.

The Toronto Financial District BIA has been an active stakeholder throughout the process and successfully advocated to ensure all curbside operations along King Street are maintained during the pilot study within the Financial District. Further, we have consistently asked for metrics and estimates relating to the expected impact on employee travel times to their jobs in the Financial District. No estimates have been provided to date. We have met on numerous occasions with senior City and TTC staff who have committed to sharing their data modelling and analysis with us as they evaluate the success of the pilot.

Our BIA has engaged Regionomics to assist in determining the impact of the pilot on peak weekday travel times for employees getting to and from work in the Financial District.

Our evaluation will include:

  • A critical review of the City’s data collection and modelling plans.
  • Conducting an impact survey of workers in the Financial District prior to and during the pilot study period.
  • Benchmarking and monitoring of commute times for all modes of travel throughout the pilot period in the Financial District.

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Regionomics Inc. is a Canadian consultancy firm specializing in econometric modelling of travel demand forecasting, infrastructure planning and economic development.

Murtaza Haider (Principal of Regionomics) holds an M.Sc in transport engineering and planning and a Ph.D. in urban systems analysis from the University of Toronto. He specializes in applied analytics and statistical modelling and has provided expert opinion on many transit issues, including analysis on the importance of maintaining the eastern section of the Gardiner Expressway.