Best Practices for a Return to Work in the Financial District

Note: Please consult government websites for the latest regulations and information related to COVID-19.

As Ontario begins to ease restrictions related to COVID 19, planning is necessary to ensure the return of employees to the Financial District is well-considered and well-managed. Our member businesses are making plans so that when people do return to work, they can do so safely and with a high degree of comfort.

The Financial District is Toronto’s primary employment hub, with more than 200,000 workers. Unique attributes of the area, including the PATH pedestrian walkway, Union Station, and subway station connections, create challenges in managing volumes of people moving through a relatively compact area.

The Toronto Financial District BIA has, at the request of our members, created a list of recommended best practices for return to work in the Financial District. Recommendations are based on discussions with several Financial District landlords and research of best practices being implemented in countries further along with return to work operations. Ensuring the comfort and safety of returning workers is the overriding principle governing these recommendations.

You can find the report and bulletins with updated information linked below.

Public health regulations and guidelines issued by municipal, provincial and federal governments will supersede the recommendations in this guide.

Link to Best Practices for Return to Work in the Financial District document.

Link to Best Practices for Return to Work – Bulletin May 5, 2020.