Street Food Vending And Food Trucks

City Council has directed Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) to harmonize six by-laws currently governing street food vending licenses in Toronto. A final report will be prepared in early 2014 to be presented to the Licensing and Standards Committee. The review is informed by consultations with industry groups including TABIA, relevant City departments and street food industry associations. Data was also collected from a summer 2013 Food Truck Program held at six City parks with high visibility and high volumes of pedestrian traffic.

There is currently a moratorium on new permits in the downtown core and the BIAs must provide written consent to vendors applying for a permit. There are 15 vendors currently permitted in the Financial District.

A key theme of our public realm strategy is that street and sidewalk operations should not be impeded in the course of business. Our response to MLS stating our position highlights conditions related to operational concerns near high-density office towers and the high volume pedestrian traffic in our area.


The moratorium on street food vending licenses must be maintained in the Financial District.

Food truck permits must be limited to non-arterial streets and have written permission of adjacent building owners.

BIAs must maintain a veto on permits within their jurisdiction to ensure operational and traffic flow considerations are addressed.

Updated October 28, 2013