Union Station Revitalization

Union Station is currently going through a revitalization project aimed at doubling its pedestrian traffic capacity. Significant improvements will include the Union-Pearson Express, a northwest PATH connection, GO Transit concourse expansion, a second TTC subway platform and York Street at-grade improvements for pedestrian flow. The station itself will include a new lower retailer level, more entrances, restored heritage elements and a new pedestrian plaza on Front Street.

As Toronto’s most important transit hub and the public face of downtown Toronto for commuters and international visitors, completing the revitalization to the highest standards originally proposed is essential for the city’s branding. Our organization will continue to support Union Station in any way it can in order to ensure its improved functionality best suits the area.

As of June 2015, the NW PATH extension and aligned York Street improvements have been put on hold. As a major pedestrian exit route heading north along York Street from the revitalized Union Station, over-crowding at street-level will be a safety risk during rush hour. The Toronto Financial District BIA will continue to monitor the impact on pedestrian flows and safety along York Street and will work with the City and other stakeholders to ensure short-term mitigations are in place.

OUR POSITION: Elements of the Union Station Revitalization must be completed to finish levels first proposed and approved. Street-level improvements along York Street must be implemented.

Updated June 22, 2015