Richmond-Adelaide Cycle Tracks

The City of Toronto is proposing to install an east-west separated cycle track that would run through the Financial District and is in the process of evaluating Richmond and Adelaide Streets. A pilot project has been approved by City Council to be installed in 2015 that will run through the Financial District.

Our organization has consulted extensively with property managers and area stakeholders to determine issues that are most important in determining the location of such a track through our area. A clear indication was that care must be taken to avoid disrupting already constrained areas of the Financial District. Adelaide Street was identified as a core operational street where major buildings have loading operations that are highly active during business hours. Concerns were raised about a cycle track negatively impacting operational efficiency and posing a significant risk to cyclists who would have to stop frequently at driveways.

Concerns related to operational impacts and cyclist safety have been made with City Staff and cyclist advocacy organizations involved in the proposal. The pilot project proposed through our area handled these concerns in a way that the BIA felt would mitigate negative impacts. The Toronto Financial District BIA wrote a letter of support to Councillors and made a deputation to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee in support of the pilot project.

OUR POSITION: Adelaide Street is not an appropriate location for a cycle track. The Toronto Financial District BIA will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure cyclist safety and operational flow is not negatively impacted by the cycle track pilot project.

Updated June 22, 2015